The OURCOMMENT CENTER opens your business to new and exciting customer improvement opportunities.

As an educational tool the information and comments you receive will make all the difference in the success of your business. There are no better consultants than your customers. OURCOMMENT CENTER brings important advice and suggestions to your management team.

You want to become a company that is dedicated to gathering customer feedback information, and using it to improve your business.

Here are several ways you can use your OURCOMMENT CENTER feedback:

  • Make sure all customers are invited to participate in your customer feedback program.
  • Leave a note or reminder card with all deliveries inviting customers to participate and letting them know how important their feedback is to your company or store.
  • Remind all customers about the OURCOMMENT CENTER and invite them to visit and share their feedback before they leave your store.
  • Create a sign in your store announcing OURCOMMENT CENTER program and inviting your customers to participate.
  • Use this unique program as a marketing tool to gain customer recognition about your commitment to quality service.
  • When talking on the telephone, customer service staff should remind everyone to take a few moments and visit OURCOMMENT CENTER.
  • Let your customers know OURCOMMENT CENTER is a part of your quality improvement program, dedicated to quality service and/or your corporate compliance initiative.
  • Create a written invitation for customers reminding them about OURCOMMENT CENTER and how important it is for them to share their comments, feedback and suggestions.
  • Share you own with everyone!