There has never been an easier and more affordable means of staying in touch with your customers.

Full Year: $299 includes your personalized URL, data collection system and storage, secure log in and password, 24/7 service, emailing of surveys to management. And the chance to save an angry customer from going to a competitor. Always FREE consultation with Louis about developing your most effective customer feedback program.

Setup Cost: $149 includes development of your customized survey, placement of your logo on your URL, setup email addresses, testing all links and survey reports, etc. (discounts for multiple locations).

Begin listening to your customers today before the competition begins listening to them tomorrow. If you don’t have time to listen to your customer, there is a competitor waiting to do so.

The fee is less than 82 cents a day. Can you afford to lose a customer considering this low price?

OURCOMMENT CENTER is your answer for listening to customers and providing quality customer service.

For more information please contact or tel: 954.838.7504, cell: 954.243.8687 and talk about OURCOMMENT CENTER for your office or business location. Have your own URL set up today with