What OURCOMMENT CENTER means to your business?

Companies often share comment cards with their customers. We need to know what keeps customers coming back, what great stories about our business they share with others, and what staff members have most impressed them. Saving one angry customer from moving on to a competitor could be worth more than you ever imagined. In these difficult economic times every customer is valuable.

Reaching new customers can be costly, but with OURCOMMENT CENTER you can collect enough company testimonials to create your own marketing materials and save printing and advertising costs. Gather customer testimonials and share them with those who are thinking about doing business with you! Nothing in business is more powerful than comments from customers who continually spend their hard earned money with your organization.

Be available 24/7 for customer comments. OURCOMMENT CENTER is a place to share compliments with your management team and where management can share these compliments with staff.

OURCOMMENT CENTER allows you to receive customer comments the moment they are completed sent directly to your cell phone! Imagine the customer receiving an immediate response to their comments regardless of the time submitted or where you are at the time the feedback form is completed!

And what about the customer who may have a complaint? OURCOMMENT CENTER will allow you to hear about an important issue before the customer takes it upon themselves to share it with everyone they meet. OURCOMMENT CENTER can stop the flow of bad comments before your revenues are impacted.

OURCOMMENT CENTER will become a key part your quality improvement program, helping you learn what you need to do to keep a customers happy. If one customer is upset – there is probably another with the very same problem.

Louis Feuer, founder of OURCOMMENT CENTER, is one of the nation’s leading customer service experts. Louis will guide you in creating the most incredible, valuable, easy to use customer engagement tool for your business. Louis’ new 2014 3rd edition Customer Strategies for the New Health Care Industry (first published in 2001) is used by American Health Insurance Plans for all of their customer service training.

For about 80 cents a day have your own 24/7 customer engagement tool returning financial rewards far beyond your expectations.

Start listening your customers with your own http://www.ourcommentcenter.com/yourcompany.

Summary of Benefits

  • A 24/7 online program with your own URL so you can gather feedback and comments from your customers.
  • Free customization of your customer feedback survey tool.
  • Gather feedback from customers (and staff) for one very low yearly fee.
  • Save feedback forms in a back-end reporting program password protected, summarized, analyzed and always available for your review.
  • Insure feedback forms are immediately sent to your phone, email address or to several members of your staff.
  • Retain a permanent record of all suggestions, complaints and comments.
  • Have a program that will allow you to gather customer testimonials and use them as part of your marketing and advertising – sharing great customer comments with potential clients and customers.

Order OURCOMMENT CENTER today for your business and begin gaining and saving customers tomorrow! This will be the best business investment you ever made!

Call Louis today at 954.838.7504 and begin listening to your customer tomorrow.